"The most awesome Chicken and Waffles in Denver"

Welcome! You've found the home of the best food truck in Denver, PinkTank! PinkTank is a gourmet food truck that specializes in Chicken & Waffles and unique twists on burgers, dogs and everything in between. The "Tank" is about more than just awesome food, it's about an incredible eating experience. Whether you hire us to cater your party or come find us on the street, PinkTank is sure to impress! 

The story of PinkTank starts on a Tuesday morning. I woke up and realized I hated my job. I was sick of the soulless grind. It was time for a change and time to do something I was passionate about--which was food! With the help and support of my amazing wife, I quit my job and started building a monstrosity in my garage. After seven months of hard labor, this monstrosity (once a bread delivery truck) became the PinkTank you see today. I set out to build the most incredible food truck of all time, and I think I did a damn good job! But PinkTank isn't just a food truck or another represents love, passion, freedom and a way to share my food with the world. Take my advice: Follow your heart... and when you get hungry swing by PinkTank.